NLP Diploma and Practitioner Courses

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DIPLOMA – 4 day course covering :
Well Formed Outcomes
The NLP Communications Model
The Presuppositions of NLP
Neuro-logical Levels
Sensority Acuity
Eye Accessing Cues

Investment Diploma 2 x weekends (£450),
The NlLP Practitioner course is a further 3 parts spaced over 6 weekends

PRACTITIONER – 16 day full practitioner training
The background of NLP, its history and developments
The NLP presuppositions
How to be in an optimum learning state
Using language purposefully to achieve results
Heighten your sensory acuity
Discover the many unconscious signals that people transmit when communicating
Develop deep rapport with anyone
Notice how we process and accept communication
Learn to understand other’s viewpoint with perceptual positions
Expand your vocabulary and understanding with modalities and predicates
Increase your influence to assist change in under 5 minutes
Understand, practice and become confident to change beliefs and habits using submodality distinctions to unlock
Create elegant and powerfully positive anchors for yourself and others
Discover the individual steps that people take or strategies they have to either motivate themselves or make decisions, such as buying goods
Learn how people delete, distort and generalize in the way they speak and how this can give you clues to help them in dramatic ways
Explore and experience how Milton Model language patterns can assist change
Create congruence and alignment so that all of your energies work to your benefit
Deal effectively with un-useful emotions and limiting beliefs of the past, for the future you want.

16 day NLP Practitioner total cost

Early Bird Discount
£1600 Save £200 if you prepay the course in full before start date Instalment Payments available – ask us for details

Course includes, refreshments, course manual and certification through INLPTA., just bring a notepad and pen and an open mind!

Course Information: Our Accredited NLP Diploma AND NLP Practitioner Courses are run in Beaconsfield in the Chilterns.

Parking: There is free parking at the venue.

Lunch and breaks: refreshments are provided. Please bring your own lunch.

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