Coaching – for people who want to succeed and grow

Gremlins – get rid of them forever!

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something because you had that nagging doubt?

Did you think that you might fail? Maybe you were afraid to succeed and not be able to sustain the success?

Our mind is powerful and can stop us achieving what we really want in life. The good news is that you can change. We will show you how.

There are common obstacles which stand in our way of achieving more for ourselves. At Cognisant, we focus on you the client, looking at areas of your life which need attention. We will move you forward by using practical, down to earth no nonsense approach conducted over the telephone, or face to face, at times to fit in with your life.

The following are ‘specialist’ areas we work with you on:

  • Confidence building – helping you to overcome obstacles
  • Career & job – help you to develop your potential to change career or job
  • Life style – de junk your life by decreasing energy draining areas!
  • Work life balance – juggling family life with work and achieving the best of both worlds
  • Relocation – make life changing plans to move to a ‘place in the sun’

What is Coaching? – Conducted by telephone over a series of calls this unique relationship is used by many highly successful people who hire a coach with the aim of gaining success in a competitive world.

Coaching is a process which is action-orientated and encourages you to do more than you would do on your own. Described simply, it offers support and encouragement in the same way as a personal fitness trainer or regular attendance on a weight management programme. It’s a unique, ongoing relationship, focusing on you and what you most want. The coach acts as objective and confidential sounding board.

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